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These Demands Must be Met for Lincoln to Responsibly Open Schools

Many Lincoln parents are concerned that political pressure is outweighing science as Lincoln Public Schools reopens school. The burden of improving the economy during a pandemic must not fall on the teachers and children of our city. We reject any argument for re-opening schools that pits parents against teachers or that expects the chronically underpaid […]

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It Is Not Safe to Open Lincoln Schools

Public schools are one of this country’s biggest assets. Lincoln Public Schools (LPS) in particular is known to be a forward-thinking school district. I often tout our ability to remain “one” district, despite having over 40,000 students from a variety of backgrounds. This has allowed for an equitable education for all students, whether your zip […]

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Lincoln Officials Are Playing Games to Keep Public Records Secret

Seeing Red Nebraska has previously covered abuses of our state open records law. Open records laws (also called FOIA, though technically FOIA is federal) are important instruments of governmental transparency–in theory. In practice, some of the most powerful officials avoid open records laws either by exempting themselves from the law–as is the case with federal […]

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Can We Get a Wellness Check on Ben Sasse?

U.S. Senator Ben Sasse delivered the online commencement address to students graduating from his alma mater, Fremont High School, on Saturday, May 16. Students may have anticipated that the self-styled Never-Trump sage of the Senate would offer some inspirational remarks, or, failing that, some boring pablum. Instead, we all got to watch what happens when […]

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Wonder how the Kochs are going to monetize your kids?

By guest contributor Jennifer Juhl Jarrell I’m waving my hands in the air from Kansas, jumping up and down, and calling out, “This is everything!” Because it is. People of Nebraska, I am here to tell you that once vouchers slither into your state, they will consume your excellent public education system over time. You […]

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Get Local, Really Local

Let’s talk, you and I. We’ve both been sucked into news about the impeachment. It’s a big deal, REALLY BIG DEAL. We both want to fix the problems in DC and we’ve both called at least one of the 5 elected representatives that are supposed to advocate for Nebraskans. You know, and I know, that […]

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The Rural School Funding Crisis in Nebraska

I’m here to tell you this: Do not let anyone tell you there is a property-tax crisis in out-state Nebraska. There is an income tax on the rich crisis leaving rural, especially agricultural, communities in Nebraska holding the bag for one of the most important things a state can do: educate its children. And I’m […]

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Nebraska’s Community Leaders Need to Stop Dicking Around

Nebraska, we need to figure out whether we want our state to be a welcoming place that treats people from diverse backgrounds equitably, or a place that lives up to its tourist slogan, “Nebraska: Honestly, it’s not for everyone.” If we want to live in a state that caters only to the racial and religious […]

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Transcript of Ferial Pearson’s Talk on “Power and Identity” to Platteview Senior High School

Hello everybody. Welcome back to school. I may–just so you’re not concerned–I do use a cane sometimes and sometimes I don’t need it. So if I put it down and start walking, it’s not a miracle. I’m not cured. I just sometimes I don’t need it.  Cool? Alright.  So how many of you are wondering […]

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How to Bleed a State University System Dry in One Easy Step

Step 1: Pay the new president more per month than employees make in a year Can you imagine making $50,000 a month after taxes? Every month? Money that comes from taxpayers and college kids? We at the Seeing Red Editorial Board cannot imagine making net $50,000 a month from taxpayers and college students. We would […]