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Author: Seeing Red Nebraska Staff

Ricketts is bald-faced lying about his Nazi

1 week ago

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Let’s just be blunt. Governor Pete Ricketts did not just have an actual Nazi as his Field Director, he is now blowing smoke up Nebraska’s ass about it. Don’t worry, it’s not that reefer smoke they have in Colorado! Here’s what Ricketts’s office said in his press release this week: “The staff person, Bennett Bressman,…

Did Ricketts’s Field Director Vandalize Omaha with White Supremacist Material? We did Nazi that Coming!

1 week ago

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You’ve probably already read that Governor Pete Ricketts’s Field Director Bennett Bressman has been exposed as an actual Nazi. We at Seeing Red spent the better part of an evening reading the data leak of this Aryan youth’s mind vomit so you don’t have to. We discovered something that interested us. On July 2, when…