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Author: Melody Vaccaro

Blue Wave in Nebraska – Except in North Platte

11 months ago

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The deadline has come and gone. If you haven’t signed up to be a candidate, you’ve missed your chance unless you are personal friends with Governor Ricketts and he needs to fill a vacancy. Looking over the list of candidates for 2018, it’s incredible. People are stepping up all over the state and saying “Oh…

Is the Legislature Safe for Liberal Voices?

1 year ago

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This letter was sent to Speaker Sheer, along with all 49 senators on January 5th, 2018. As of this posting date, I have not received a response addressing my concerns. Senator Jim Scheer Speaker of the Legislature Dear Speaker Scheer, I would like to lodge an official complaint. I believe that Senator Steve Erdman has made…

Gun Lobbyist hired by Judiciary Committee

1 year ago

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Something stinks in the Judiciary Committee and it’s the Ebke/Clark controversy that nobody is talking about. Before we jump into that, let’s quickly review the committee process. Every bill that is proposed in the unicameral is assigned to a committee, and nearly every bill receives a public hearing. There are 14 standing committees organized by…

Nebraska Governor Needs a Civics Lesson

1 year ago

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If this article by the Lincoln Journal Star is any indication, the Republican Party thinks that Nebraskans aren’t aware of the difference between a branch of government and a political party. The governor, whomever she is, is the key figure in a branch of government. The 49 senators are a separate branch of government. The…

Tax Dollars Wasted by Catholic Conference

1 year ago

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Anyone who follows Nebraska politics is aware that we are facing a budget crisis and serious problems, including a failed correction system that is  dangerous and inhumane to staff, prisoners, and families. These are serious matters that the people expect to be handled in a fair, transparent, and nonpartisan way. Yet what we saw in…