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Author: Melody Vaccaro

Jessica McClure Fundraiser by Seeing Red

5 months ago

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We need your help! Seeing Red Nebraska is having our first ever fundraiser for a political candidate and we want YOU to be a part of it. We’re raising money for a congressional candidate we endorsed back in the primary who continues to inspire us with her incredible ground game. Congratulations to Jessica McClure for…

Silence is NOT an Option

10 months ago

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We’re proud to share a recent editorial shared in the Lincoln Journal Star, by Amanda Gailey and Patricia Wonch Hill, editors at Seeing Red. Here’s my $.02 regarding their piece. Nebraskans have always believed in civic engagement. Our state legislature, the unicameral, is designed to be the most transparent and engaging political process in the country.…

Governor Death Slaughters Our Healthcare

11 months ago

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Does Ricketts’s black market drug dealer carry Misoprostol? We are asking for 1 in 4 women that will need an abortion in their lifetime. When Texas defunded Planned Parenthood in 2011, teenage pregnancy went up, the self-induced abortion rate went up, and the maternal death rate doubled. Texas is now home to the highest maternal mortality rate…