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Author: Janelle Corr

“Suffer the Children” is Not an Immigration Policy

3 months ago

1007 words

Editor’s Note: Reader submission by Gordon Hopkins   Her name is Phan Thi Kim Phúc. Do you know who she is? Perhaps not. If you are “of a certain age,” like myself, you have certainly seen her. Her image was every bit an icon of the early seventies as the bright yellow “smiley face” and…

Call it by its name Pt 1: The problem is guns

11 months ago

926 words

Last Thursday, a couple hundred Lincolnites filled the Lincoln High School auditorium for a panel advertised as covering a wide range of topics related to school security, including: hiring more school resource officers or installing metal detectors; improving mental health services, threat assessment techniques and coordination among law enforcement; balancing Second Amendment rights with calls…