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Misogyny is not a game

On the same day as the Lie to Women bill LB 209 was passed to its final reading, we once more got to enjoy another open display of in how much, or rather little, regard some of our male senators hold women in general and their female colleagues in particular. It is not enough to […]

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Erasing a Child in Omaha

The United States and Nebraska in particular are experiencing the moral equivalent of a psychotic break. We have lost our moorings. This month, a wave of bills is sweeping across the country, uplifting the human fetus as the object of ultimate moral performance. Republican officials, drunk on possibility, are racing to outperform each other in […]

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Under Her Eye

This Tuesday the Legislature will debate Senator Joni Albrecht’s LB 209, which she says is a “pro-woman, pro-information, pro-life, and pro-choice bill that will benefit all women who, after beginning the abortion pill process, want a second chance at choice.” What a bunch of bullshit. What this actually is is just more junk “science” aimed […]

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TD Ameritrade, Drug Dealer

Well, Governor Do-You-Know-Who-My-Daddy-Is is at it again. When I returned to Nebraska from the failed experiment of living in Texas for a few years, I took one look around and realized the state I returned to was not the same state I left. In Texas I had Rick Perry to deal with, but even that […]

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Lincoln, we still have a Cyndi Lamm problem

Well, the good news is, we avoided voting in an unrepentant homophobe as our next Mayor. The bad news is, we still have a Cyndi Lamm problem. Last week, we at Seeing Red received an email from a mother who needs to work with the Autism Family Network to get a Project Lifesaver bracelet for […]

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Megan Stock is the Hidden Victor of Lincoln’s City Election

Megan Stock’s vision for Lincoln mobilized voters and came within spitting distance of overtaking a candidate funded by Ricketts and corporate interests, and Megan Stock should be appointed to Leirion Gaylor Baird’s empty City Council seat. Yesterday’s city elections in Lincoln were a big win for progressives, resulting in a new Democratic mayor, Leirion Gaylor […]


This Is How Misogyny Happens

On Thursday night, Rasha Khaled of Lincoln was murdered by her husband, who then killed himself. Their five children, ages 14, 13, 10, 5, and 3, were present in the home at the time of the murder. Friends of the murderer decided to hold a candlelight vigil for the man, and bafflingly, the local ABC […]

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What in the . . . ?! A guide to all those words on the ballot this year

For all of you used to just seeing a list of names and some ovals on your ballot, this year’s city elections may come as something of a shock.  Our ballots regularly feature one or two big giant blocks of legalese, asking us to vote to fund street repair or storm water management, but this […]