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Month: April 2019

LB670: The Kolowski Amendments

3 months ago

912 words

Though we don’t know exactly when, the big day for LB670, the “Opportunities Scholars Act”, is coming soon. In what might perhaps be the best amendment troll of this legislative session, Senator Kolowski is seeking to strike the word “opportunity” from the whole document and replace it with the words “private school.” Why? Because it…

Nebraska Needs to Fix its Academic Freedom Problem.

3 months ago

1898 words

Nebraska has a terrible record when it comes to academic freedom and freedom of speech, and it’s time we take it seriously. Here is some historical background followed by a practical recommendation. The past two years have been particularly egregious for academic freedom in Nebraska. This week the Nebraska Republican Party insisted that Creighton University,…

Nebraska Nice is the Perfect Cover for a Fascist Takeover

3 months ago

1564 words

If you are not familiar with the 14 Characteristics of Facism, I’m going to need you to stop right here and read them first. Ok, got that? Don’t worry, we’re going to look at a few of them a little more closely because the NEGOP has a deep fascism problem that everyone, including the Nebraska…

A Rightwing Lawyer Has Demanded the Email and Browsing History of People Involved with This Blog

3 months ago

268 words

Jefferson Downing, an attorney with Keating O’Gara Law Firm, has submitted an open records request to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln demanding to see the email and web searching/browsing history related to the white nationalist organization Turning Point USA of all University employees involved with this blog. Some of the people targeted by the legal request…